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Home Studio Set up- on a shoe string budget- pro equipment to get you started

If you want to have a home studio to save money OR you want to start shooting inside because of weather, where do you start? So many photographers have so many different modifiers, brands and equipment.

Lights range from 150$ to 1,000$.
Some plug in- some are battery operated.
How much money do you need to save up?

I've been shooting out of my home for YEARS and I can tell you that you don't need ALOT of equipment. Just some simple essentials to get great images that don't break the bank.


Everything determines on WHAT you are shooting.

If you are doing a simple headshot with ONE light and ONE modifier like this:

I used my favorite portable rechargeable light source: Godox AD 200

They fly small and they pack a punch during traveling gigs and weddings too!

Make sure that you get the one that matches your camera brand! (don't get a sony one and expect it to work on a canon! )

I attached it to my modifier with this S ring from Godox

Make sure you get quality lightstands that can withstand a beating! I have had to duct tape so many over the years!


Looking for a beautiful 4 foot huge soft box for general portraits?



Getting asked to do video?

Want to spice up your home studio with some simple gear?

Need a cutting high-contrast effect for fitness or fashion?

I use this super versatile gear packer that can go in a suitcase or a backpack shell! in a regular carry on suitcase to fit all of my gear.

My checked bag had my tripods (which I can also use lightstands if I am not flying!)

Take note of my favorite little hack: I use for light stands with these little handy converter pieces found here:

I love having these little rechargeable lights video lights in my bag at all times

Have a photographer in your life? Don't know what to get them for the Holiday Season or their birthday?

Let me tell you that real photo gear is EXPENSIVE- like a lens is over $200 to $3,000 a piece!

Strapped for cash? We have some really cool ideas here from equipment that we REALLY use to get amazing images on a budget.

See some really cool results of one of my favorite tools: see link to shop here:


copper pipe

need to create awesome images with this little product from Amazon/ Homedepot?

This is one of my favorite products to use for couples, families and headshots.

See the link here:


Crystal Ball / lens ball

This is such a cool thing to mess around with outside or the the studio. For only under $20, it's such a great gift.


Heart light

Want something unique? I love this little light for not only decor, but also for some cool light events.


Light Prism Sphere

This is such a cool thing to create amazing rainbows or light fractals.

Here is the link:


String lights

We love working with these little string lights. We have our subject holding them, or we wrap our lens in them to create some nice light bokeh spots.


Cellphone Gells

We love using these cellophone colors on our flashes for studio work.



I love using these to create reflections and double images int he studio or outsdie


These little jewels are amazing for boudoir, fashion or just play! Makes great video movement


Looks like a toy- but super fun to shoot with!!!

this prism/ rainbow catcher is one of my favs!


Love these glasses- makes a super fun prop!! plus a great lens/ball type tool on your lens for trippy vibes!


Any other ideas for photographers in your life? I would love to hear your ideas!

Some some cool in-home work here with using all the equipment above!


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