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my goals for your budding photography business for this new year

These are my goals for your 2023 budding photography business

📣You learn how to shoot manual 99.9% of your problems will go away.

All the things that you're struggling with all the lighting situations things aren't consistent.

You're not getting beautiful blur in the background, you don't understand how to go in and out between buildings inside outside.

All this stuff. Learn manual inside outside all the way up and down.

💕Second thing. Look at your overhead costs and It's of doing business.

If you're trying to make your bread and butter off of The Works of your hands and your photography-You need to be charging your worth upsell every single thing Watermark the crap out of them .

Make your images be freaking Fort Knox, guys, you want to lock up your images-

You don't want to give people nothing, without paying.