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My response to when people say: "Why aren't your kids in school?"

When people see me in the community and they asked, "why aren't your kids in school"

I wish that I could say: is everything is school.

Everywhere is school.

Being outside of school, being a grocery store, school.

Learning how to deal with life is school.

Knowing how to have tools to get through Life is school.

Everything is School.

Cooking- doing things, in the backyard- learning playing, building, creating.

Everything is school.

So when people ask me, "why don't your kid go to school?"

They are.

Our life is school.

The outside world is school- not in a desk-not, in an on a computer screen-that's not reality.

That's not real.

Everything in life is school- every part that we do.

Everything that we read is learning- it's a lifelong learning process.


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