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Our top nine memories of 2020

Thank you thank you!

Because of you we were able to stay in business during a global pandemic- helping people and clients around the country with their marketing and branding

We were able to be at home and homeschool our three kids without skipping a beat - during quarantine- our daughter learned 2 years worth of math in a few months

We were able to continue to thrive- starting two additional businesses (@handyandyfixes and @nomadearthdesign) along with our other two (@virginiamarketingandmedia and @virginiaphotosandfilms )

We were able stay mentally strong- working out 365 days this year (at home at 5:30am) and I haven’t drank alcohol all of 2020!

We were able to continue to help our ministry partners @younglife and @findinghopehonduras and @onpurposewithpassion build content for this year to help them raise money for their causes...

We donated thousands of hours worth of services and time to several non-profits and churches this year

God has been faithful through it all- covering every bill and mortgage with just enough!

Can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring... so thank you for supporting our small businesses!


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