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Photo biz coaching tips: look professional to your next shoot with these FREE tips

Never have a miscommunication or be late/disorganized to your next photoshoot again by using these simple and FREE tips:

✅ Use a contract! (I use to set up my contacts, booking and deposits, plus it’s free!)

✅ double check your gear before the shoot- pre-charge batteries, check and clean cameras, get extra lenses, bodies, remotes, menory cards and more

Just this month- so many people have texted me to bring them my extra memory cards or batteries while at my studio!

✅Arrive 30-45 mins early and study posing ideas to your phone from Pinterest ahead-of-time to make sure that you don’t run out of ideas.

✅ pre set up your camera settings/take test shots and do a complete walk around at your location to pre vusualize your sets and poses

✅ tell your clients to arrive 10-20 mins early to make sure their babies are fed, changed and fresh

✅ Bring a wagon to carry all gear/wallets/props on location -It not only saves your back, but there Is a place to put client’s purses and no one loses things at the shoot.

✅ do the shoot with enthusiasm and professionalism- knowing you have pre-visualized and prepared with all your poses and props

✅ talk to your client’s afterword about your turn-around time and process - so that there Is no questions


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