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She's Wild + Radiant with Ashley June | Christian Entrepreneur, Online Business, Photographer, Faith

54. Rolling With The Punches When Life Shifts With Homeschool Mom, Creative Biz Owner & Glamping Wagon Creator, Christal MarshallShe's Wild + Radiant with Ashley June | Christian Entrepreneur, Online Business, Photographer, Faith

    • Christianity

Listen on Apple Podcasts I think we can all relate when it comes to rolling with the punches over the last 2 years. There has been so much uncertainty and change that we have been reeling. Christal Marshall is a Christian business coach and an expert in having to pivot, listen to God and follow Him even when the path is unclear. Tune in to hear this inspiring Christian business podcast with Christal Marshall. Your business can be your ministry. You don’t have to stay within the confined walls of the church. Your business, your social media and every aspect of your life can be your ministry. Use all of it to glorify God and further the kingdom. God knows when it is the right season. You might be in a season of isolation, but God still shows up. Sometimes you have to follow the “cloud” in the wilderness. However, during and after isolation comes growth and that growth leads to greater faith and allowing God to take the reigns. Our lives don’t always look like what we “thought” they would, but God knows what is best. Keep your priorities in check. Put God first and you make sure that you work your life around having a healthy marriage and healthy family. Those need to be your focus and everything else will fall into place. God will give you supernatural creativity to come think outside the box and be flexible with what you have. God has a plan through it all. Loss and doors closing in one direction DOES NOT mean that your purpose and destiny is lost- it just means that "He is going to do beyond what you can even think or imagine" Just because you have a "dream" in college about what you think your life will be- who you will marry, how many children- and you don't get it- doesn't mean that you missed out or lost your dream. It just means that God's ways are higher and deeper than we can ever comprehend. We can trust the story- the one that has been written from the dawn of time to now. We are caught up in the epic story and serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the Author and Finisher, and just because we can't see the next chapter, or even the next page, we can trust that He will do what He says and promises. EPISODE LINKS Want to hear more from Christal? Check out her Instagram accounts for marketing and media, photos and film and nomad earth design.


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