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So You Want to Start a Business Huh?

So you have a business idea huh? Maybe it's selling homemade soaps online. Maybe it's party planning. Maybe it's making your own hand-crafted hats.

You have great ideas- but do you have the hustle?


I remember seeing a local Natural Herbal Pharmacy Start in our town. It was a great idea when it started. But then after 6 months it failed.


Was it because they weren't selling a good product? Maybe. Maybe not.

I've seen Canadians sell fresh air in a glass jar to Chinese people and they are making millions.

It's about marketing and getting your self out there and WORK.

If you don't have have the hustle and the mentality to work, then you will not sell your product and your business will not succeed.


Watch my video below for some great ideas and tips on how to marketing your small business!

So hopefully, after watching my video about all the pitfalls that could happen to you when you start a small business, you will be prepared to make your little business a success.

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