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Stuff we don’t do in homeschool

Stuff that we don't do in homeschool.

We don't do grades, we don't do weekly test.

The only test that they do is at the end of the year and it is for the state certification and it is untimed and we can take it as many times as we want to see.

If you know, if we do bad in a certain area, we reteach, we go back, we retake that section and then we turn it into the state certification to be approved for homeschooling and they don't know how many times you retake it.

They don't care. As long as you turn in the actual, you know, past level that they're wanting, they don't care.

We don't do homework after hours, we do things for love, we do things. If you want to learn something, let's go learn it.

If you are curious about a particular time period or history or biography or person, let's learn it. If you want to do a science experiment, build a dang volcano.

We build a dang volcano, okay it's not that hard. And my goal is these kids graduate being kind being critical, thinkers being problem, solvers being creative and have happiness.

Anything else is gravy anything else is gravy.

Do I think I'm setting themself up for not the real world because I'm not doing all this no because entrepreneurship Is our career, we think out the box for our career, we don't go with the flow, we're not in the corporate ladder and I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna raise my kids to be in a corporate ladder, harsh environment, strict environment with all of these tests and grades and whatever.

But that's not us, it's not our lifestyle. And if they want to go be entrepreneurs, great ready?

Setting them up for Success. We've already told them if they want to do college, it's going to look like this.

You're gonna have to really have these writing skills and writing things down.

So I'm already prepping my 11 year old now that if they want to go to higher levels we're going to have to learn how to write going to have to learn how to read.

We're going to have to do all this stuff but with online audio books, now with speechify with all of these technological advancements, even if they're not strong writers.

But there's strong speakers. There's there's ways that you can dictate what you say into a paper.

There's ways that you can cross-reference things online. There's tools.

For these things. So even if they're not, they're struggling in a certain area, let's give them the technology.

Let's give them the training to succeed in that area and to not like, put them down like oh you'll never do well, you're not know, everybody has gifts and talents that makes it unique to them.

That is going to help them at a very early age at fifth grade, fourth grade.

Somebody's like you're amazing artist like you would be an awesome artist jokes on them. I get paid full-time.

For my art. But in different ways, not paper pencil art, I get paid for photography for setting up sets for being creative online for doing marketing campaigns for businesses, and it's all from my creativity, and from my things.

So it might look different from when I was in fourth or fifth grade.

But I am an artist. I get paid to do art for people to make art for them.

My husband is an artist he gets paid to do wood art. So everybody's creativity can be celebrated and that's just what I wanted to hop on here. Alright. Peace out guys.


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