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Computer Screens


super simple Men posing and background ideas- small studio space ideas

Usually you see from me, headshot setups, that are like sparkly and fun and textures -

today, we're going to show you a little basic classic colors for a podcaster that's coming to the studio.

Follow me along!

All right, so the color wall, I love that aqua blue makes everybody's eyes pop.

We're going to come over here to the commercial white Corner.

see how I do this here with boards from Home Depot:


These are just wipeable floorboards.

Come over here to the little desk station laptop, stand with a stool, great little posing area here.

I bought mine here on Amazon for less than $50!

And we're going to come over here to The black v flat Corner, black background looks amazing on everybody.

Buy the set here:

The plant corner and of course, if they didn't want to do all the plants, take them all down. Now, we have a solid brick brick wall that we can stand and lean up against.

You can buy these panels from Home depot for $100, but you can also buy a set here from Amazon:

Now, we're going to go to the party corner just for funsies because everybody has fun in the neon Corner. Love it.v

I got all these Neon Lights from Five Below and Amazon and stuck them to a black brick wall: See these here on amazon:


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