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Computer Screens


These were taken in my garage

These were taken in my garage! Don’t let any tell you things can’t be done because you are limited by space and finances!

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 10 years- homeschooling for 7 and building my business during nights and weekends....

I’m completely self-taught- finding free webinars YouTube videos and ebooks to hone my craft.

Ever.single.piece of equipment I had to save my OWN money for. No loans, no debt, no inheritance, no rich parents, no rich spouse.

I hear this ALL the time, “The market is flooded with photographers so I’m not getting business”

Then be different. Learn different skills. Learn marketing. Learn websites. Learn business sense. Learn commercial photography. Be the fastest editor. Be the smartest- work the longest, hustle like your life depends on it.

Not getting business? How much do you want it? How hungry are you?

Take no excuses

Create beautiful things. Get paid. Love your life. Use criticism for fuel. Get up- kick @$$ daily, repeat.


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