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Three things I can’t stand


three things I can’t stand- excuses, wasting time and laziness....

don’t have enough time? Make time! Don’t have money- figure out how to do it for free or cheap!

Don’t know how to do something- research it!

I couldn’t have owned four businesses if I sat on my hands waiting Around for other’s approval, money, resources etc.

There is always a way- look at people with disabilities- - look at girls seeking education in Uganda- with no books, no money, no clean toilets- and they still push through! ( read “The Boy Who Harmessed The Wind” and you will understand)

There is no obstacle that can’t be faced. There is no poverty level that can’t be overcome.

There is no greatness without passion and persistence.

There is no refining without withstanding the fire.

Life is too short to waste it on excuses, “what if’s”and “should haves”

It’s either you are giving it 150% or your not- there is no mediocre level that will help you accomplish anything.

Don’t half @$$ two things... whole @$$ one.


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