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Why do photographers charge an “arm and a leg!” Price breakdown

🤯🤯how come photographers “charge an arm and a leg ??”

✅ Let's do an example case study of an actual photo that I got texted this week from a potential client wanting to do this look

and let's do a breakdown of what it would cost.

✅Let's go!

☀️dress rental $75 dollars and up

☀️the pampas  grass rental, very expensive $50 and up

☀️☀️hair and makeup artist because you got to look cute hair and makeup artists start at $150 a head

☀️ to rent a photographer for your hour to 2 hours their Studio fee starts at 3 hundred dollars plus

☀️to rent a studio because of course like who has this in their garage nobody?

So to rent a studio- It's going to start at $100 an hour

☀️for this type of big to have this beautiful backdrop. You got to buy it from Amazon starting at $30+ plus

☀️☀️to have props and chairs brought in for this if you want a particular look

to rent a peacock chair $100 plus an hour

☀️and lighting you got to have lighting to have this beautiful soft glow.

If you don't have it or have it in your studio. Guess what?  you got to rent it!  $500 plus!

🤯🤯 that doesn't include lens rental -Camera Rental

🤯and any other prints and and canvases and all those things that come with having a session

🤯🤯total cost - starting at:  1350 for something like this.

🏡And now when you see the price breakdown, you know, you might be thinking “oh my God, I'm not charging enough and they're asking way too much…!”

💪Yes!  telling you!

💪I've been in the business for 12 years. I can let you know all my little tricks and secrets and hacks, and if you want to follow me - I would love for you to stay connected

and as always stay creative guys!




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