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Why every stay at home Mom needs a side hustle.

Why every stay-at-home mom needs a side hustle:

❤️you get extra income.

❤️You get to have flexible scheduling with your kids.

❤️You get to call your own schedule.

You get to make calls while you're dropping kids off and being a chauffeur.

❤️You can make money doing what you always do at home

👏 after talking to a lot of moms that are now sacrificing their career-For all of these years-you when you have your own side hustle, you don't have to worry about the corporate Market coming back into the job after 20 years Hiatus.

Nobody wants you in their job because a stay-at-home mom is apparently not a “real job.”

👍Not have to worry about that when all the kids grow up and leave, you have stuff already cooking.

❤️You already got stats on your resume.

❤️You already got things that you've done

❤️You already have businesses that you've started

❤️You have lessons that you've learned.

👍It helps with boredom.

How many moms- comment below -are just not mentally stimulated cleaning up.

Changing diapers, listening to the same, Coco melon songs, all the time- running your own business helps to keep that mind sharp.


You can do affiliate marketing


write books

life coaching

be a fitness coach

be a graphic designer

do Consulting

do websites

do social media for people

do a YouTube channel

do podcasts

Watch other people's kids

do crafts, or sell etsy stuff.

Make shirts for people.

Do Drop Shipping, do logos. People product and portrait and photos and video for people.

🤦‍♀️Any other ideas? share below!

I would love to see some other things that you do as a stay at home.

I am a child wrangler, a girl boss, a media creator, a business mentor,  a professional domestic engineer and Captain of the Hot Mess Express

We coach, teach, shoot, set up events and build reclaimed decor and adventure mobiles out of our home studio in Chesapeake, VA all while raising three amazing but crazy children.

We own several creative business and side hustles as well!

❤️Follow our loco lives on our IG accounts:

👏Virginia Marketing and Media- graphics, photo, video, small business marketing solutions.


👏Virginia Photos and Films- local private creative arts outdoor/indoor studio for photographers to rent:


👏Handy Andy Fixes

home renovations and custom builds

👏Nomad Earth Design

contracting, home design, custom built food trucks/ clamping wagons,  camping adventures and more!



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