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Why I Don't Do Boudoir Photography

your're not strong enough to handle this

Here is the transcript from the video:


This is kind of a touchy subject, why I don't do boudoir photography. Now in my opinion, boudoir photography is not only to glamorize the subject or model to feel confident, (which is great- I totally agree with that), but it's kind of that edge of being sexual. So it's having on stilettos overhanging bad and you're in a sexual pose wearing a thong or topless in a hotel room or even outside. I'm a life photographer- I like to do babies through the whole life. I have done shoots for babies, for families, for seniors, for weddings and even engagements. I've even had a Family hire me to go to a senior senior living facility to do their last moments with their family. And that is such an awesome privilege. For me, photography would be something to share, something to put in the home, something to blow up and make it large, something to make books out of, or even make a slideshow.

And it's really hard to do that when you have images that maybe you wouldn't feel confident sharing with your kids and with your future children. That's why I don't feel comfortable doing Boudoir. I'm 100% toward body love, body confidence, making somebody feel beautiful- getting a hairstylist out there getting, a make up artist out there, wearing wearing clothes are flirtatious but not just a thong. So that's just my opinion, if I have clients asked me do I do a bridal boudoir- it's really popular for engaged couples or especially the women to do a boudoir session for their fiancé or for their future spouse- (if they wanted more of a sexual and provocative look) I would direct them over to some my friends in the area to do amazing work. They do very dramatic lighting. For example: you'd be topless, you're just covering the top- so I personally don't feel confident and comfortable doing (these types of shoots myself). I feel that you can be gorgeous and beautiful but wear more clothes and be less sexual in nature. But again I would love to hear your opinion and comment below on what you feel like it would be something that you would feel comfortable- would you or would you not do it? I would love to hear from you!


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