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Your creative process cannot be replicated- living in the age of AI and photo apps.

I just shared an article about this photographer, that literally use Ai, and created a 30,000 follower, count on his Instagram.

Everybody thought he was an actual photographer. He was saying, what camera he use-s all the settings, but there was no behind the scenes.

There was no process.

It was just a photo with a bunch of hashtags and he's under Fire now because he is called a fraud.

And so that just let me know as a business owner as a coach, as a photographer, the importance of showing a process, the importance of showing showing your method.

All of those things that a robot cannot replicate.

So show behind the scenes, if you working show your thought process show your creative process because this is what separates you and what gives value to you.

People want to book you and your vision because everybody has a phone now, everybody has the ability to download these apps and do all these things, but nobody can replicate your vision and your work ethic and your creativity.


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