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How to Get Better Senior Photos

So It's senior picture time and first of all, Congrats! You have worke so hard to get here! I definitely want your senior session to be fun and memorable. Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

Go to a place that is significant to you. Bring props that are fun and unique. I've seen people bring their ballet shoes, minnie mouse ears, soccer equipment and more! Emily (above) wanted her senior photos to be at her rowing house and she actually jumped into the water for me!

I know people want to do multiple locations, but trust me, one location is not only the most price-savy, but also the most practical. You would be surprised how many good locations I can find in 30 mins. Drew (above) wanted soccer pictures done at his OLD elementary school. I loved how the photos turned out!

I love parents coming. But what I love even more is being able to do my job and be creative. I have had "helicopter" parents that have tried to fix every single shot and question me at every turn. I really want you (the senior) to be comfortable enough with me that we get some GREAT shots! Trust me, I've done this A LOT. I know what it takes to me you look your best.

Ladies, especially, don't be so worried about perfection. I am not a stylist, and nor do I bring one with me to shoots. I love NATURAL, FUN, CANDID moments. It's okay if your hair is messy. It's okay if you don't have on the perfect makeup or hair. Just be yourself!

I prefer one outfit if possible. But two outfits are okay too. But just know that every time you change, you lose time with me! Be comfortable! Don't go to the beach and wear high heels (I have had this happen). I actually prefer girls to wear LONG skirts or pants because of modesty. I am not the kind of photographer that will make you do anything seductive. However, simply sitting down with a short skirt could be really uncomfortable.

I will make you laugh at corny jokes. I will jump around you to smile. I am crazy, just deal with it and smile!

Just know that your senior session will be fun, memorable and natural!


Let me know if you have any other questions!


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