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Should You Have Your Wedding At an Aquarium?

I have seen weddings at many places, from churches to art museums. But I think the growing trend is having your wedding at an aquarium! I've seen two or three friends that have weddings at aquariums. So hopefully, after reading this post, then you can decide if an aquarium is an idea place to have your wedding photos taken.

1. AQUARIUMS ARE INTIMATE. The darkness and the quietness is something that you don't see everywhere. Watching the fish is beautiful indeed. But with the feeling of intimacy, comes darkness!

Darkness is a photographer's worst nightmare. Without light, a photographer can't have a photo!

2. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH SHOOTING WITH DIFFICULT LIGHTING. The photographer must have knowledge with how to use side flashes that won't overpower the aquarium glass.

Your mom's camera flash will cast a huge start-shaped burst on the glass if you aren't careful to tell her, not to take pictures. No istagram photos here will give will bring justice to your vistion.

They must have the camera gear that can handle very high ISO ranges (seeing in the dark) with out loosing image quality.

After my experience at shooting just family pictures at the aquarium, I can tell you that when you google "Aquarium Wedding," you will find a lot of photoshopped images. Images that couldn't not possibly be there with the lighting that they had.

Even my camera (which was a pro level camera) was having difficulty focusing in the dark! I wanted to pumped up my ISO range, but I didn't want to lose image quality.

I was squeezed up against wall most of the time when I was shooting in the aquarium. So you'll have to find someone that have the wide-angle lenses enough to get everything in the shot!


It is beautiful to take some romantic photos of just you and him inside, but the majority of the family photos need to be a location where light is flattering.

Aquariums and museums usually have very spot-light yellow lighting or mixed green lighting! Not very flattering on anybody!


Having a photographer that is very good that using side flashes and lots of equipment to get photos will be KEY. You can't skimp on a cheap photographer, or a family member with a point and shoot camera to get you the photos that you will cherish forever.

Hiring someone in the $1800-$2500 range (at least!) will be someone that you will need to hire for this type of venue.

If money is not an issue with photographer, then worry not!

Hiring an experienced photographer, might not be a problem, but the most important reason to have a wedding anywhere is the overall mood that you are trying to capture in the photos.

A lot of people prefer to have "light and airy" photos for their weddings. They enjoy the romantic lighting of the afternoon sun coming in to the dressing room. They love seeing the big windows open, letting your veil blow in the wind.

These are my favorite photo locations, hands-down. Not only is the lighting perfect for my style, but I prefer not to bring a lot of equipment with me while I am shooting Bride and Groom portraits. I think having all the equipment in the bride and groom's face while they are trying to have a intimate moment, ruins the mood!

At an aquarium, "Light and airy" will not be possible. If you light dramatic photos with lots of contrast and shadow, then maybe an aquarium is right for you!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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