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Shooting Macro Photography WITHOUT a Macro Lens: Reverse lens trick

I wanted to teach you a five minute trick how to use reverse lens with your 50mm or 35mm prime.

You can also use this trick with your kit lens using these cheap ring clips from amazon (see below) :

First, Watch my video how I do this:

A macro lens can set you back 700 dollars! Which is totally worth it, if you do weddings or babies. But what if you just want to take pictures of flowers? You can do that using a basic 50mm or 35mm.

First, learn to shoot MANUAL. It won't work without it!

Find good lighting! Back lighting works best!

Three: be patient with your shots. It might take time to get what you want.

Four: shoot in CH or burst mode so that you can get the details you want up close!

5. Practice, Practice!

Here is a typical 105mm shot.

Here is your 50mm on your camera.

Here is the reverse lens trick with your 50mm.


I would love for you to let know if any of these tips have helped you in your photography journey!


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