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Chesapeake, VA Wedding Photographer, Brittany and Ryan Bridal Session

I met these two through an ad on facebook for a sweetheart shoot over two years ago! I have been keeping track with their love story on facebook. I have LOVED seeing them in LOVE.

That's why I was SO disappointed when I was going to be 8 months pregnant with number three baby at the time of their wedding. They ended up just having a few friends take their photos. So to make up for the fact, I offered to take some after-wedding bridal portraits at a beautiful park near my house.

This past week, I have been checking the weather LIKE crazy to make sure that our shoot could happen. I already had to move it once when I was in the hospital with our third child.

I could tell that Ryan wasn't getting into at first, but I could see him blossom by the time that we ended the shoot! Of course Brittany, wanted to wear her wedding dress one more time. Ryan said that he was excited to finally put that dress AWAY for good!

Brittany wore her grandmother's veil and tiara. I loved that she had something borrowed. She wore beautiful blue heals as her something blue.

Brittany had artificial flowers for her wedding, so I just had to buy some for this shoot. Even though I not a florist by any means, I think having some real flowers was perfect!

Thank you so much for letting me come out and document such a special occasion! May God bless you in your new life together! Marriage is such a great adventure.


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