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People ask me all the time "What lens(es) should I get. Well. It depends on what you want to do. Each lens for me is a different tool that I use in different ways. It also depends on where you are going and what you are doing. I rarely ever take a $1,500 on a vacation. So I take a fast and cheap 35mm prime lens.

I have tried many different lenses and even third party types, but these are my favorite:

the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 is my go-to lens for vacations- it's super light- does great for indoor or outdoor or even low light. It's only $198.00, but for personal photos- it's a must! I also use this lens for my students since it's so cheap! Buy it here:

My 35mm 1.4 is a dream. i use it exclusively for large group shots at weddings and wedding details in the bridal suite. It's does great for indoor. It's my go-to blogging lens as well for details in the dark house. But it is over $1,600!!!. I used to have the 24-70 2.8 (which was the same price), but I LOVE have that extra f stop! Buy it here:

I love this little plastic-fantastic. I know there is a cheaper 50mm 1.8 on amazon (only 200.00) but this one is great for the park. It's light weight and is close enough for a great headshot! For only $500, you can't go wrong! Buy it here:

So I love the 50mm focal length- so creamy and close enough to be intimate without being in someone's space! But I wanted a more pro version for weddings and my sessions. The 58 1.4 was a no-brainer. It was $1600, but totally worth it! Buy it here:

Love this 85mm! Totally worth getting. It's close enough to get a beautiful headshot- it's buttery and a great price! For only $450, it's been a fantastic little fast lens! I've been debating to get the 85mm 1.4, but I heard that it focusing too slow! Buy it here:

This is one of my favs! I am SO glad I bought it. It's great for a beautiful ring shot or a detail, but it also doubles as a great headshot lens! The only draw back is that it slow on focusing and is not good for fast-action. But that's why you get a sport's lens! Buy it here for only $900


Keep shooting!


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