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How to Capture Summer Fun

Summer is upon us! Be ready for lot's of memories, vacations, new tastes, new laughs and NEW photo inspiration!

Don't leave your dslr at home, afraid to get it dirty or lost on vacation, clear off the memory cards, get a good strap, a good case and be ready to have some fun!

I try to keep my vacation gear simple. I do a D7000 with a 50mm or a 35mm 1.8 lens. If I know that I'll have the kids swimming, then I'll try to bring a 85mm 1.8. That way, i know that I won't get wet!

I take pictures of not just us, but things happening around us- it makes for a great photo book transition pictures. Also if you are looking for a good photo book company I highly recommend walmart. I know what you are thinking- why wouldn't you recommend some other company. Because honestly I only use walmart for books and prints for my own family. For canvas, I use or

Did you know that with any DSLR, you can "click off" the focus button on the lens and make your own focus. I love doing this for the dreamy, out-of-focus look. This is such a great tip, especially if you are doing a lot with christmas lights or street lights at night.

I literally take my camera EVERYWHERE! I also say to myself that the first five days of the new month I am documenting. Even if it's at the park or at the museum or at home! I try to capture all their random moments. Whether they are sleeping, eating a snack or doing something fun. I love to see them grow through the different stages of life!

Without light, one cannot take a photo. Look for light in your house, around your town, in your car. As long as there is beautiful natural light, there is something to photograph.

I love seeing my kids get dirty or wet. I think it shows childhood at it's best. Don't be afraid of it! Have towels or baby wipes handy if necessary, or hose them off. But a clean childhood is not a real childhood.

Think of your picture as a movie. You rarely every see EVERY shot be completely in the middle. The more interesting shots are the ones where more of the story is seen on each side. I usually put my subject to the right. I don't know why- it's feel right to me.

Getting a PRIME lens, like a 50mm 1.8 will be one of the greatest things that bring your photography from good to great. If you don't have one- at least use a zoom lens (50-105 or something like that). You want that beautiful blurred background!

Learn to shoot with M or manual settings! Auto will not take your picture where you want it to go! This picture was taken with a amateur camera with a 85mm 1.8 lens (very inexpensive), but because I know what settings I want to shoot in, it makes all the difference. Try to play around with the presets on the top of the camera like "sport." Then when you get comfortable, you can try to shoot on "A" mode (aperature mode) or "S" shutter mode. That way you are only changing one thing!

Don't just always have your kids smiling right at you. Have their back to you, let them tell you a story of what they are doing-like you are sneaking up on their fun!

I always have my camera out and ready for any moment! It's definitely like fishing- you need to have a lot of patience to get the shot you want!

My kids are just playing and having fun. I am simply there to capture the moment.


Keep shooting!


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