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Chesapeake, VA Families and Special Event and Photobooth Photography, Jordan's Graduation Party

chesapeake_newborn _photographer

What an awesome party we had today celebrating one of the seniors from our youth group. Jordan is loved and you can tell because of the amount of people that came out to support her new endeavors! All night, she was in line for hugs from different members of her family, some traveled as far as FL and NJ!

Jordan was highly involved in drama and the arts through music. Every year, she volunteered at our church, for numerous projects, especially with the children and youth ministry. She cares deeply about everyone around her.

She is going to ODU and pursue a career in in the film and production field. It would not surprise me if you saw her name in a credits of a film in the near future! Best of luck and God bless !

Be blessed y'all


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