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20+ Non Kissing Engagement Photo Posing Ideas


Engagement photos are such a great celebration of love. My absolute favorite thing to photograph are couples and engagements. I love the lovey-dovey type of poses with lots of kissing on the cheek and lips!

However, time-after-time, more couples that I work with ask not to have PDA type of photos in my work. I remember one couple that I worked with were Hindu and felt very uncomfortable kissing in front of the camera. Some couples I work with are Conservative Christian are do not want to kiss until they are at the altar.

I always try to accommodate every couple's individual needs! I thought that other photographers might have a hard time coming up with non-kissing poses as well. So I challenged my self at the last shoot that I did to try to focus on non-kissing photos just for this blog post. We did sneak a kiss or two between shots, but overall, I tried to post only the ones that she would like to show her family.


Having a variation of the types of images you have is very helpful as well. I did just her, and then just him. Then I did ones of them looking away and ones of them looking at each other. That way every photo appears different in the total story.

Hope this helps give you some ideas!


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