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You are the LIGHT of the world. Literally.


My husband is a youth pastor. Which basically means that I get to hear his sermons before he actually preaches them. I love giving him suggestions about how to connect it to the young people.

Since it is the Christmas season and Advent, he had a goal to talk about "light" and how it relates to Jesus.

So he looked up some pretty cool stuff about light. You know some of these cool facts like:

Bees can only see in UV light.

The sun's light takes 8 minutes and 17 seconds to make it's way to earth every day!

Some frogs are so sensitive to light that researchers or developing a way to harness this power.

The sun's light actually has momentum.


But the most interesting factoid that he brought up was that humans are bio-luminescent.

Oh that means we actually GLOW in the DARK!

(.... MIND BLOWN!!!.....)

What? That changes everything.

Yes. It's true, you can google it. Not just from buzzfeed, but actually studies from Japan have been done about it.

We just can't see it because it's invisible to the naked eye and can only be picked up by super powerful sensors.

No way.


It kind of reminds me of the the verse, "You are the LIGHT of the world- a city on a hill that can not be hidden." Matthew 5:14

I always that the this verse was a metaphor for being nice to others, or treating people with love and all that.


NO. It means we are actually light to the world. We emit an actual glow.

In a spiritual sense, when we come to follow God, our spiritual light lights up the darkness in the spiritual rhelm as well.

This changes everything.


I will admit that I have been thinking about this concept all week. And believe me, God has given me opportunities to see if I would be a bright light for him. Sadly, I am not perfect (I know, surprise, right?) I've been a downright b_____ sometimes. (Yes, I totally almost cussed. See, I told you that I am not perfect). Sometimes, I am totally impatient, especially in front of my not perfect kids.

Sometimes, I feel as if I can't wait for a fresh new day so that I can wipe the old day's memories clean.


But thank God for His light, empowering us to be His little lights in the world. Wherever we are at, school, work or even Walmart during black Friday, we can still be a light to the people that are created in his image!



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