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Are you in the "Dark Room"?

Way back before there were phones. Way back before there were digital cameras, there were film cameras.

They look like this, for those don't know (I actually had to look one up on EBAY haha:

You know what that little thing to the side was? It's the film. You know, the thing that you put into the camera to take pictures one. No, it didn't have 3,600 shots on it, it only had 24. Yup, 24 pictures. So when you did take a photo, you better get it right the first time, because there was no delete button or screen to tell you what to do!

Photographers just had to "see" and "envision" the shot before they even pressed the button. Because they only had 24 times to get it right. And film was EXPENSIVE to develop.

So most photographers just developed it themselves at home to save money.

But that was grueling and hard work to get ONE picture completed.


So the first of all, it was a PROCESS. If you want to see someone working in a real darkroom, you can see it here:

The first step in the process is taking one frame of the film and shining it briefly onto a piece of special paper. This special paper was then put into a series of testing and chemicals.

The photographer had to special so much time on one picture. They had to make sure the acidic chemicals were mixed just right. They had to agitate the liquids just right around the print in order for the image to come through. Because in each stage, the image would become a little more clear.

And was all of this work done in the broad daylight? Absolutely not. It was done in the darkroom. The photographer had to pretty much work blindly. There could only be one little red light one during the process. If there was TOO much light too soon, the print would be ruined forever.

If this happened, the photographer would have to back back to the original film and have to start the process over from that single frame. He would have to start completely over.


When I was studying this process, the LORD really spoke to my heart. He is like the photographer- spending countless hours in the darkroom of our lives, developing us- taking us through different stages and different trials to get us to the place that we are perfected.

It made me realize that there are more stages of development that I need to just wait on HIM in. And in each stage, the picture became more clear.

If we think we can rush the process sooner, then we will be exposed too quickly and be ruined. We'll will have to go back to the beginning to start over.


I know that in my business and life, the LORD has brought me through many "darkrooms." The darkroom of depression. The darkroom of poverty. The darkroom of losing a child. The darkroom of comparing my self to others. The darkroom of waiting on him!

But it's in the dark places of our lives that the LORD is making us more like him and developing into the person that he wants us to be!



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