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Learn my SIMPLE off-camera flash lighting for Weddings and Receptions

Want to step up your event photography but you don't know where to start?

What do you do about your pop-up flash?

Do I need to spend over $500 on a start-up off-camera flash kit for simple portraits, photobooths and events?

These are all going to be answered in this great how-to video. .

I remember when I first started out doing weddings, I thought just a pop-up flash would be "good."

I would get these images. They weren't good. They were terrible. They definitely didn't look like a "pro" took them!

Then I bought my first external flash. I loved it. But sending it straight into my subject made them look like ghosts! and sending the light up to the ceiling was OKAY, but not great.

I was missing something. I didn't know what to do.

Then I searched and searched for literally hundreds of hours to find a system to use off-camera flash.

Ended up buying over $200 in remotes and batteries. So confusing and a waste of money.

I returned them all.

But I was still left with nothing.

Then I just started to experiment. I started to see what would happen if I put two remotes together with out all the crazy and expensive light remotes and flashes that would easily be over $500!

I got this image at a friend's party and I was hooked:

Then I started to use this system for weddings and receptions. I was able to quickly and easily throw the softbox together for family portrait time.

I went from this shot:

to this with my simple light set up:

I love how with just a little pop of flash behind their heads, the scene is so much more alive!

Now I have a Streamline approach to what I need to do and bring to a wedding or an event.

Here are the yongnuo flashes that I use: This is HUGE! a Nikon or a canon flash can go for over $200 a piece!

Here is the Softbox system that I use from amazon that I use for 34.00. The reason that I like this one, is that you don't have to use an expensive strobe and it fits into a suitcase! I have flown with it THREE times for three weddings and it's been great!

Here are some basic light stands. Of course if you want more durable ones, you can upgrade, but this is great starter kit for around $30.

Now, I don't do any event or even photobooth without bringing this system. Here are some great examples:

The soft box makes a great little kids cake smash and DIY in-home studio set.

Headshot set up on-location (this was at a local church) is quick and easy!

Of course weddings and photobooths are a breeze with the softbox!

I really wish that I would know how to do this simple system early on. It would have really helped me in the long run!


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