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A Special Message for the Next Generation: It's About The WHO.

Jesus is offering us life abundantly but all we can think about is our own prosperity Life is better when you give it all away When you stop, listen, slow down, and pray Don't go so fast or time will pass you by Don't waste your life before you die. When you're at the end laying in bed, what do you think is going to be going on in your head? "I didn't get that car" "I'm not the star" "My YouTube channel didn't go that far." "If I die then I will lose all my Snapchat streaks." "And all my friends will think that I'm a freak." NO!!! Life is more than what you've had or done. How many levels of "candy crush" you've won. It's all about relationship. With who did you take this trip? Here is the point that I want to bring. Life is more than just your things. Having fun and wasting time-you won't be able to take a dime! None of this gets to go with you. It's not about the "what" but it's The Who!



Marshall Arts Studio is a Photography and Graphic Design Team in Chesapeake, VA.

We serve families, students and couples with amazing images that will be cherished forever. We would love to work with you! Contact us below to get in touch with us!

Also, 10% of our proceeds goes to building fresh water wells in South East Asia through our Water. Life. Love. Project. Check out the details here:



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