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Cost calculator for photography travel: FAQ


“How much should I charge to travel for photography when my job is 3 hours one way?”

There are many ways to calculate the cost of your time and effort that it’s gonna take for you to travel to the client. This is just one of many ways and of course everybody has their own rate of hourly wage that is good for their family- so you can adjust the numbers as needed- depending on your vehicle, your gas mileage and the budget of your client!

If you are flying and not driving that’s a whole Nother situation with cost of flight, car rental and overnight stay/hotel/meal cost!

But just for the sake of simplicity, we are going to tackle one day jobs that you are required to travel within your state or very close to your state.

✅Step one:

how many exact miles for your trip?

(look on Google) and write this number down!

✅Step two:

Then find your gas mileage for your vehicle: type in your gas mileage calculator

✅ step three: get the average cost of gas in your stare

🗓Use the formula:

Number of miles/mpg x cost per gallon

For example: So let’s just say that one way is 200 miles and you have an average vehicle that does 20 miles to the gallon

So 200/20 x 3.50 = 35.00 for just gas!

❤️Also factor in your time !! Maybe 20/hour

🎉So in our example of a 6 hour round trip drive, your client will be paying an extra of 120$ for just your time and $70 just for gas, not including snacks and misc.

👏🤝Want more research? Here are some articles:


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