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Lessons over tea time

Weekends are for reflecting, self care, family time and being grateful for the gifts that have been given to us.

Here are some life lessons that we want to share with you

🗓Just because you see someone else succeeding around you, doesn’t mean you are not.

✅Never underestimate the power YOU have to affect change in YOUR circles.

🙌Be a good Stewart of your own areas of influences. If you are in charge of a 500 square foot building- let it be the cleanest, most welcoming space. If you are in charge of three people- shower them with praise, coaching, compliments and love. How can more be giving to you if you can’t even handle a small amount?

❤️❤️Love the stage you are in NOW. Take pictures, make memories- enjoy the journey. Every stage of life has its ups and downs. There is no better season than another, every season has its struggles and its joys. Live in the now.

🎊Celebrate little victories- unloading the dishwasher and getting laundry accomplished might be a small step- but maybe it’s a victory in your own personal struggle with anxiety- overwhelmed daily by noise, pressure, household items that seem to never end.

🥰Give yourself a pat -on -the -back for making it through every day. A millimeter in distance is a small step. Small steps over time cause great change to happen.


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