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Making your site more GOOGLE friendly

So you have a website. Yeah! Besides filling your facebook feed with your posts, what are some other ways for people to find out about your business or work?

This is the power of SEO knowledge for your website:

When someone found me on google for some family photos at the beach (that's why it's important to do a lot of work on your website to make it SEO friendly) and I booked a session with a lady that I've followed on Facebook for over 8 years! I had no idea until I saw that she was a fellow photographer! I was GEEKING out because she was someone that I had looked up to early on!

Find out my three tips on how to get your stuff noticed on google!

1. Save your images the way that you want people to find you! Don't just save them as: DSCC 0012. Spice it up with a unique file name like: Chesapeake, family and wedding photographer.

2. Tag your photos that you upload to your website by location and tags as well. You can use Chesapeake-Family-Senior-Photography

3. The blog is not dead. Blogs are a great way for google and pinterest to find you. The more text with location descriptive words and hot topics the better. Try to title your blog after a place in your local area.


Hopefully that get's you started on making your website more google friendly!

Christal Marshall

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