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Thrift Store Find Refab: Virginia State "Home Sweet Home" Wall Decor

Thrift Store Find Refab: Virginia State "Home Sweet Home" Wall Decor

Love when I can find a great little thing super cheap (like 2.00) from the thriftstore. I was immediately hooked when i saw this little basket.

I had seen so manythings on pinterest related to your state like this: But I was not about to spend $30 plus dollars on it!

First, I cleaned off all the little spider webs. Haha!

Then I taped off the inside of the basket with masking tape and spray painted the outside with light blue. (Got this color from home depot for $3.97)

After all of it dried, I taped the outside of the basket ( the blue part) and spray painted the inside with a simple black color: This one is only $.97 online at home depot here:)

After all of the black dried, I took a chalk marker (you can find them here from walmart for almoat $4.00)

Then I just wrote "home sweet home" and glued a piece of red/glitter scrapbook paper down.



I would love to see your refab/thriftstore finds!


Had a great time with little super cute 6 month old! He was such a joy to capture. I just wanted to eat up all the cuteness!



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