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When a photoshoot landed me in the Hospital!

When a photoshoot landed me in the Hospital!

See the transcript of the video below:


I have a very, very important message to tell you....

if you are taking photos for people and you are

doing it just for fun and you're doing without a

business license, you could have this happen to


So I decided to do a photo shoot with my

Family. It was for Easter, and we all dressed

up and everybody had their little spring hats

on. It was really cute.

We were in the downtown area. And I was sitting on a bench and I turned

my foot wrong and I got a huge splinter.

No, we're not talking about like a little piece of wood in my foot, it was huge!

It was into my foot so deep! Like 1/2 inch into my foot.

You couldn't even get tweezers and pull it out! So I ended up going to PATIENT FIRST. I even got an X Ray. Then, I had to get three numbing shots for them

to surgically open up my foot to pull this splinter out.

At the photoshoot we tried to be as safe as possible. The photographer was really cool and he was really nice.

But it just made me really step back and think when I work with clients. I really wanna make sure that I'm very, very safe and not doing anything dangerous. Also, I want to make sure as a business owner I am covered. That I have a license, I have insurance, I have a way to cover myself. If somebody was to get hurt on a photo session and have to go get an x Ray and have to pay all the fees that go a long with that, I want to make sure that I have done everything that I can to protect myself and my business.

I think it's important to cover yourself. And to have insurance and a waiver formed signed from every client. You have to have coverage for your business especially if you're gonna go outside or in your home with young children. that's why I can’t Stress enough if you take photos of people in you're just doing it as a hobby you have to be very, very careful!

If you are taking pictures of just family, or doing it occasionally, then you probably don’t have to do anything extra,

but as soon as you start um getting jobs and people hiring you for jobs you need to think "Am I covered for this?" God forbid that someone might end up in the hospital for our shoot!

So if photography is just a hobby, and you're not doing it for people... you might not need all the crazy stuff that I do. But as soon as people start asking you to do stuff for them, especially photoshoots, and you're not covered you don't have a business licens you better watch out! I cannot stress enough to have these things in place!

I am SOO happy and So glad that my business has these things. A trip to the hospital was a really good moment for me to be like "Hey, what if one of the people that I work with end up going to the hospital?" What if someone gets something lodged in their foot because of something that I ask them to do?

It was just such a wake up call

for me as an owner.

so Photographers- if you're taking photos of people for money and you don't have the paperwork and your business covered, and insurance you might have this happen to you!

so that is what my PATIENT FIRST trip taught me! Having an XRAY and getting my foot cut open was a real wake up call for me! having to get THREE shots in my foot really made me realize this important issue for other photographers out there!

To get yourself together!!!



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